EAXTRON-USA has designed a state of the art female contact. Our Patented vortex clip significantly improves all aspects of the connection interface. Not only does the unique spiraling shape allow for more contact points, providing a higher rate of conductivity, it also facilitates coupling with eighty percent less effort than the industry standard!


This near effortless connection helps mitigate the risk of the musculoskeletal disorders often caused by repetitive high stress tasks.


EAXTRON USA contacts are made from pure copper (Cu11 000) and plated with an industry leading 6um of silver. The plating ensures minimal wear and tear on the contact. Even more importantly our patented vortex clip significantly reduces coupling friction,  further maximizing the lifetime of the contact.

At EAXTRON USA, we do not believe in planned obsolescence, and thus our acid and shock resistant housing is certified to be as durable as the contacts. The fiberglass – plastic polyamide material guarantees robust performance in even the toughest of working conditions. We’ve even designed flexible handles that are highly durable, so that you can avoid the most common cause and cost of early replacement, broken handles.

By virtue of these innovations, the initial results of our ongoing tests show that an EAXTRON-USA connector lasts up to twelve thousand cycles, more than double the industry standard.


While all electrical connection releases an arc, EAXTRON-USA has innovated around this potential danger. We were able to design and patent a locking mechanism that works in conjunction with the user to provide an arcless experience. This locking device releases an audible click when the contacts have been correctly interfaced, thus preventing the arcs that result from poor connector coupling. Additionally the unique designs of our female contacts and durable housing nullifies all ‘inevitable’ arcs. When the connector is load bearing our patented design manages and safely disperses arcs within the connector carriage. All of this innovation allows the user to operate in a truly Arcless environment, with none of the risks traditionally posed to both individuals and equipment.  


Arcs aside, the next most common cause of equipment damage is non-compatible connection. It can be difficult to keep track of different voltages and uses across the shop floor, and so EAXTRON-USA has designed colored cable clamps. These extended clamps are self centering and therefore minimize the cable damage that can often result in dangerous exposed wiring. Even more importantly our color coded system prevents non-compatible connection by clearly classifying by color different voltages and applications. To best integrate with your operations we suggest thinking of a practical classification system, usually either by voltage or type of use, and assigning the colors you’d like upon purchase.


Every detail of an Eaxtron connector has been designed to optimize resources, from energy to your time. Not only does the unique shape of the contact’s Vortex Clip™ guarantee a safer and easier connection, it also allows for a higher rate of conductivity. With an increased number of contact points in the connection interface an Eaxtron connector is more conductive and durable, opening the door for you to benefit from the full range of innovations in charging.  

We believe efficiency is a product of perfection in the details, and that’s why we’ve engineered solutions to even the smallest inconveniences. Our highly innovative contact loader, for example, allows you to attach wired pilots, auxiliaries, and main contactsfaster than ever before, directly to the connector. Simply load the auxiliaries and main cables into the detachment, paying attention to the polarity markings, and snap into place! We recommend a W-style crimping to both save you time with less frequent cable changes by minimizing cable wear and tear, and to guarantee safety by eliminating cable coil air-pockets. 

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