Solutions for the End-User

Our bundle of one connector set and an additional male connector has been designed to facilitate a complete conversion to EAXTRON-USA’s industry leading systems. As fast charge becomes more prevalent in the industry the number of charging cycles a day will go up, thus increasing the risk of musculo-skeletal disorders associated with the use of traditional connectors. Avoid

Solutions for Trucks

Eliminate the risks associated with decoupling force reliant connectors in tight spaces. Take leadership in the industry and guarantee a secure connection for safe and efficient charging in an arcless environment.

Solutions for Batteries

Optimize your time with our unique contact loader; designed for fast and easy wiring our contact loader will streamline your battery  assembly line and save you valuable time. Showcase the performance and lifetime of your battery by improving the weakest link in the system, the connector; an EAXTRON-USA connector set is the only solution efficient and durable enough to keep up with innovations in battery-tech and fast-charge applications. 

Solutions for Chargers

Robustly designed, our connectors increase efficiency in even the most demanding daily conditions. Steamline the installation and use of your chargers with our self-centering, color coordinated cable clamps.